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Softboxes, Strobe Lights, Speedlites, Flash Gels, Reflectors, LED Lights, Diffusers, Gred Card/Color Correction Kits, Laviller Mics, Boom Mics, Light Stands, Backdrops, Live Stream Accessories, Props, Filters, Hoods, Caps, Camera Covers, etc.

We have it all....

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Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Shikakope has been providing the best services to Accra and surrounding areas since 2016. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.


Shikakope (Photo store) is a Ghanaian based online and physical storefront engaged in trading photography accessories. We are a team of young, innovative minds with a goal to change the narrative of photography in West Africa.

We offer more than simply selling accessories and gear to you. We aim to educate, help you grow and give you the needed guidance to enable you build a sustainable business out of your passion for photography. To achieve this, we offer locally made video/PDF/podcast tutorials from experts who are also available during our bi-annual free photography workshops. We, at Shikakope offer quality photography services as well as engage in the sale of photography equipment and accessories. Call us on +233 54 74 951 19 to book our service or purchase from our shop(online & brick and mortar).

We offer domestic and international delivery options and accept all payment options.

We look forward to spoiling you for choice.

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