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Shop with the best electronics companies in Ghana through Fonola Mall’s electronics zone

The electronics zone on Fonola Mall houses three of the biggest and reputable electronics companies in Ghana. Get4Less, iPlace and Shikakope have several clients and these clients have benefitted immensely from shopping with them and it is only fitting that you also get to experience the exceptional services they provide.

If you are looking for the best place to shop for electronic products, then look no further than on Fonola Mall where you have the opportunity to shop with the best in the industry.

Read on to find more about Get4Less, iPlace and Shikakope and start shopping with them now.

1. Get4Less

Get4Less is one of the biggest brands in Ghana when it comes to electronics of all kinds. What is even better is that they provide these quality electronic products at very affordable and reasonable prices.

Get4Less opens up a world of possibility for their clients. Since its official launch on the 3rd of July 2018, the company has gone on to have four more branches and now has five branches across the country providing the best electronics.

A view of one Get4Less' offices

Fortunately, there is an online store available through Fonola Mall’s electronics zone where you can purchase electronic products such as pen drives, mobile phone accessories, gaming consoles and many others.

The shopping categories available at Get4less includes, but not limited to, gaming, I.T products such as computers, tablets etc; photography accessories, printers, scanners, software and networking.

2. iPlace

iPlace Ghana offers their customers access to the best mobile phones from all the top mobile phone brands across the globe.

The company has available all the latest mobile phones released by the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Tecno.

iPlace Ghana is one best places for mobile phone purchase

iPlace is definitely the best place for you to shop at if you are looking for the best place to purchase your smartphone and at affordable prices too.

3. Shikakope

Shikakope (Photo store) happens to be one of the best Ghanaian based online and physical shop that trades in photography accessories. With its team of young, innovative minds Shikakope does not just sell photography accessories but also give expert advice to its clients.


They offer locally made video/PDF/podcast tutorials from experts who are also available during their bi-annual free photography workshops to help emerging photographers in the industry.

Shikakope also offers quality photography services and you can get in touch with them through Fonola Mall’s electronics zone or the fashion zone (Najoa beads).

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