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Secure your tour and travelling dreams through Fonola Mall

It is always fun and so beautiful to travel to a unique and warm place in a bid to get away from all the stress that this world, unfortunately, comes with. It could be a vacation or just a weekend relaxation trip but it is always good to have such trips to help you freshen up.

Unfortunately, finding the best relaxation centre or eye seeing centre could be tedious or stressful especially if you are not so knowledgeable in the field. You could end up stressing yourself even further than before and it is exactly why you need to seek out the experts in the field.

It is thus good to know that Ghana’s first online and best online mall has brought together the best travelling and tour agencies under one roof. In our travel and events zone under the services category, there is Dulcet hospitality and iTour Gh ready to help you secure your travelling and tour dreams.

Read on to find out the services they provide and get in touch with them.

1. Dulcet hospitality

Dulcet hospitality is one of Ghana’s finest travel and events agencies and has over the years helped many to discover the world’s hidden beauty. Dulcet helps its clients by arranging for tours across the globe at very reasonable and logical rates.

If you are in charge of a company and you are looking for the best place to send your team out on a tour then get in touch with Dulcet right away. It could be to the beautiful streets of Dubai or to see the awesome buildings in Johannesburg or any interesting place in the world. All you need to do is to get in touch with Dulcet hospitality and they will have you sorted out from your visa and plane tickets arrangements to hotel bookings etc.

2. iTour Ghana

iTour Ghana is also right at the top when it comes to travel and tour agencies in Ghana especially if you are looking to tour the best places in Ghana.

Just get in touch with iTour Ghana if you are looking to visit the historic castles in the country or the Katkum National Park or even the best zoos in the country.

iTour Ghana believes in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences so whether you’re getting ready to backpack through Ghana or are preparing to take an exotic honeymoon, planning a trip that has never been easier get in touch with iTour Ghana now!

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