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Joe’s place and Ceejay’s TV studio officially launched in Accra

Joe’s place, an event centre owned by renowned Ghanaian personality, Joe Osae has been officially launched in Accra alongside Ceejay TV studio which will serve as an events studio in Accra.

The establishment and launching of Joe’s place and Ceejay Tv Studio add to the already established ventures of Joe Osae including Ceejay Multimedia which is one of the biggest rental companies in the country.

Joe’s place which has now begun operations will serve as an event centre for events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, musical concerts and many others. Joe’s place also has an 18-room furnished guest house located in Accra about 15 minutes’ drive from the West hill’s mall.

Joe Osae, founder of Joe's place and Ceejay TV studios during the official launch

The Ceejay studio, which is located at Lapaz behind ADB, is also an ultra-modern Tv studio which is well equipped with the latest facilities such as screens, powerful cameras and many more for hosting church events, talk shows, newscasting documentaries and adverts.

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