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Get the best shopping items for yourself through Fonola Mall’s shopping zone

As earlier indicated in our previous article, the norm now is that a mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection is enough to purchase items of one’s choice. This is the age of online shopping. Undeniably, while traditional shopping has its own advantages, there is also no denying the fact that online shopping also offers strong advantages that are persuading most people to lean towards it.

But the most important question to ask is, while people are leaning strongly towards online shopping, where exactly can they purchase their favorite products through the internet?

With the aim of maintaining our status as Ghana’s best online mall, we are providing you with a variety of options in our shopping zone.

Our shopping zone houses the best shopping brands in the country, with each of them selling distinct products or offering unique services.

Shops in our shopping zone includes Beautiful Beneath, Grosvenor London, and Quaci Klodings.

Read on to find out what each company offers and shop with them right away.

1. Beautiful Beneath

Beautiful Beneath is the home of Lingerie and through it centers across three regions in Ghana, provides Avon, panties, bra, leggings, corsets, swim wears, night wears and many others to its clients.

The shop is well of how wearing the right lingerie can transform certain aspects of a woman’s life and contribute to the overall happiness and contentment of a woman. It therefore does not only provide lingerie but also through its experts educate its clients on order, customization and design advice.

Beneath Beauty also helps its clients to improve their knowledge about lingerie and to show every woman, regardless of her size, shape, budget, and personal taste, that she can be in quality, presentable, and pleasant lingerie that suits her lifestyle, her body, and her desires.

2. Grosvenor London

Grosvenor London is certainly one of the best places to shop at and it is even better to know that with all the online shopping benefits that have already been discussed, Grosvenor London is available online and you can shop with them through our Shopping zone section.

It is certainly a no brainer to shop with Grosvenor London especially considering the variety of clothes they have at their disposal, which will obviously make you look good and stand out wherever you go.

Grosvenor London provides their customers with the best designer clothing for both men and women and of all sizes too. They also have in abundance well designed and sewed print clothing for both men and women. Of course, it has to be mentioned that they also have in store the best classic clothes in their classic collection.

3. Quaci Klodings

At Quaci Klodings, all they need their clients to do is for them to imagine the kind of African wear they want and they will just provide it.

Quaci Klodings has the aim of bridging the gap between Bespoke & Ready-To-Wear African prints and they offer their clients a quick and efficient way to design to African wear to their individual specifications.

All you need to do is send your individual specifications to Quaci Kloadings and our expert team will work on it right away for you and get it back to you well packaged. You can get in touch with Quaci Kloadings through the Fonola Mall shopping zone.

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