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Fonola Mall’s food court: Discover the best places for your food services

Because food is as important as the breath we breathe in, Fonola Mall has provided you with the opportunity to choose from the best food service providers in the country at any time. These are not just any food service providers, but they are among the most reputable in the country.

The tall list includes Nourish Lab, Berkies, Rina’s, La Mesa, Skybar 25, Azmera Restaurant and Models. Read on to find the specific service they offer and get in touch with them right away by visiting our food court section.

Nourish Lab Smoothy’s

NourishLab is one of the oldest food service providers in the country and this fact provides good evidence as to why they are well trusted in the business. Simply put, they have been in the business long enough to provide you with the best service.

NourishLab was founded in 2005 with operations in Oxford Street Osu and East Legon and their mission is to create a healthy living culture amongst Ghanaians by providing nourishing exotic recipes to health-conscious customers 7 days in a week all year round.

They offer various blends of smoothies, salads, and wraps prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables. They serve their customers in a relaxed environment with drinks including hot tea, chocolate and coffee as well as well prepared and healthy sandwiches.


Berkies is one of the coolest places in Ghana to have a meal and it is certainly the perfect place to choose from if you are looking to hook up with your date, have a get to gather with your family or even friends. Their variety of foods they provide just makes it difficult to resist them.

The Berkies’ Menu includes: Fried rice with chicken sauce, fried rice with beef sauce, beef noodles, jumbo pack, French fries with chicken, fried rice with chicken wigs, shredded chicken fried rice chicken noodles and many others. You can get in touch with them through the Fonola Mall food court section.


If you are looking for a place to get your African and continental dishes then you should visit Rina. Found in the heart of trendy Osu in the Oxford Street Mall, they serve the freshest and sweet African and continental dishes that you can ever think of.

Interestingly too, Rina’s menu has a lot of variety and fits perfectly for everyone and anyone.

For their kid’s menu, they have Chicken fingers served with fries, Mini chicken fried or roasted and Pasta with diced chicken in tomato sauce.

They also serve Fishermen soup, Goat light soup fish light soup, Chicken light soup and Groundnut soup with goat as local dishes.

For our dear vegetarians, they have Mixed Vegetables and chickpeas provincial, Vegetable curry Pasta and vegetable stir fry as well as Vegetables and mushrooms.

For their chicken main course, they have Spicy roasted chicken, Fried chicken and Chicken and veggie skewers. Their menu also covers, starters, salads, kebabs, beef main course and fish main course.

La Mesa

La Mesa is an Asian and Continental restaurant which serves from Sushi, steaks, Pasta wine to cocktail. La mesa consists of a Japanese Lounge, private room, two main hall dining hall area and an outside terrace.

La mesa Asian and continental restaurant also has a sitting capacity close to 200 people and also organizes programs such as DJ night on Friday, happy hours from 5pm to 6pm as well as Karaoke challenge on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Skybar 25

With Skybar 25, they make sure that all your special occasions are well taken care of by providing you with the best venue and the best menu for the occasion.

Because Skybar 25 is Accra’s premier rooftop venue and offers breathtaking views of the city from the tallest building in West Africa, it is certainly a no brainer for you to choose them as the place best place for all your occasions or special events.

Host your special occasion or corporate event at Skybar25. With a special set menu of your choice, entertainment, and the best view of Accra, your experience at Skybar25 will be a memorable one.

The occasion menu they provide includes: appetizers, salads, milkshakes, rice dishes, noodle dishes, side dishes, main dishes, burgers extras among many others.

Azmera Restaurant

In Azmera restautarant, Ghana has found one of the best restaurants that provides well prepared and garnished Ghanaian dishes. Their well drafted menu covers a variety of Ghanaian delicacies that will certainly get your mouth drooling.

They include Gari fotor (Gari mixed in tomato stew, served with beans, sardines, fried plantain and avocado), Azmera waakye (Rice and beans served with fish, eggs, beef, gari, spagetti and wele, black pepper and tomato stew), Apapransa (Roasted corn powder cooked with palmnut soup served with red beans, crabs and dry fish), Mbotompotor (Coco yam cooked in palm nut sauce, served with salted beef, dry fish and crabs), Goat light soup, Fresh tilapia light soup, Azmera light soup (Dry fish, Crab, Salted beef, Mushroom, Dry snails, Sheed okro,Sliced garden eggs) and many others.

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