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Launch of Fonola Mall.

Going shopping is undeniably that one thing everybody likes to do, but thoughts of carrying tons of bags hanging around you, unable to walk, stranded and having to toggle with shopping bags to ensure proper handling makes one lose interest in having to go shopping.

But tell me, how would you feel if the tussle of shopping was cut to zero? Yes, zero stress! No more walking from store to store, comparing prices in shops, transportation to and from the mall, but would still give you the pleasure of shopping without moving from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Mr Ransford Asamoah Parker who happens to be the CEO, we now have a virtual mall where you can do all your shopping, compare prices from different stores, interact with people and still have your products delivered to you in less than an hour free of charge!

Fonola Mall is a virtual mall which was officially launched by Prof. Emiritus S.O Gyandoh at Ange Hotel in East Legon.The launch was attended by some influential Ghanaians who play a key role in the upbringing of the nation, and have their matters at heart.The idea of technology has come a long way and rising high, serving mankind, and making life quite simple in advanced countries. Technology plays a vital role in developing countries, makes life easy, by saving our time, energy and money as safe as possible.

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Fonola Mall is the most exclusive shopping mall and entertainment center online that brings all your shopping, entertainment and lifestyle needs under one roof.


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