Frequently asked questions

Getting started on Fonola Mall

What are the products I cannot sell on Fonola Mall?

You cannot sell fake, counterfeits or illegal items such as weapons and drugs. All the items you sell must be totally new and in perfect shape (products and packing).

How do I Register?

To get onboard, Shop owners will have to register for a virtual space on the Fonola Online Mall website and can list their products under their own specific store or brand name. This will create a tangible effect and will deliver physical shopping experience to visitors like they are visiting any shopping mall in person. Please fill out the registration form on the website or call us on 0243844625 | 0242355555

What is Fonola Mall all about?

The Ghanaian community has embraced the idea of shopping malls but unfortunately we have just a few around to cater for our numbers. It is with this reason that we decided to take advantage of the era of technology to expand the mall experience by taking the malls directly to the homes and offices of every Ghanaian. We have a cluster of shops cutting across all our categories where visitors of our online mall can shop conviniently and have their orders delivered to them. We also have a general market place where customers can search for exactly what they want and our in-built crawlers will search through all the shops onboard to bring out those which meet the search criteria. Then the customer can pick what he/she wants out of the lot.

What measures are Fonola Mall puting in place to generate enough traffic to help boost my business?

We hope to make “Fonola Mall” a household name by January 2021. We have various strategic campaigns in place which we deploy progressively and includes: Newspaper Adverts, Radio and TV Jingles, Billboards, Flyers, Car Stickers, Social Media | SEO | Google Adwords amogst orders.

Managing Orders

How do I know when a customer places an order for one of my products?

Once an order is placed by a customer, an email of the details of the order will be sent to you and a copy will be sent to us as well. A representative of Fonola Mall will contact you immediately after the order is placed to notify you of the order

What happens after I recieve an order?

Make the order ready for pick up and wait for our delivery team to arrive for it. Once they arrive request to see thier ID Card and hand over the product to them.

Can delivery fail after pick up from my shop?

Yes! Delivery fails following 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts. Delivery fails because the customer rejected the items on delivery. Delivery fails because customer cancelled the order before delivery/seeing the items.

What happens if delivery fails?

Item is brought back in same state as taken


When do I have to pay for services rendered by Fonola Mall ?

Payment is made on a monthly or yearly basis. Please refer to the payment page for details on Subscription

How am I getting paid?

You will be paid before a product is picked up from your shop or when agreed by both parties via bank transfer or through Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO Cash) on a weekly basis. Payments are made by the 8th working day after the one week date range of sales.

I have not received my payment, what should I do?

Wait for 2 working days after your payment date, if payment has not been received, send an email to


What is Fonola Mall return policy?

Fonola Mall has a return policy of 7 Days, so customers can return the item for the following reasons within 7 Days.
1. The product is not the one ordered
11. The product is faulty
111. Counterfeit Item

What is the timeline to receive my "delivery failed" items?

You will get the return of your "delivery failed" item between 7days (Minimum) and 30days (Maximum). You will have 21 days after receiving a notice to collect the item, beyond which the item will no longer be available to you. If a returned item was not made available for collection within 30 days from when the return item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you the value of the item.

What do I do if my returns are damaged at the point of getting them back to me?

You have to rightly reject the items at the point of collection. Fonola mall will pay you the cost of the goods (selling price).

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Can the customers give ratings and comments? And why are these important?

Yes customers can give detailed comments and ratings. These are very important for your sales on Fonola Mall platform. This is the best way for the customers to know that you are a reliable vendor. The customers look at the ratings of the product before buying it in most cases. The customers will be more willing to buy a product with good ratings. The ratings of your products are one of the most used criteria to evaluate your performance as a vendor on Fonola Mall.

Will I be penalised if am not able to make an order in my showroom ready within 24hours?

Yes, the order will be cancelled as out of stock(OOS) and your account will be put on hold if this issue happens 3 times.

What is the meaning of OOS?

OOS means “Out-Of-Stock” This occurs when you list a product that is not immediately available for sale. In Fonola Mall, we consider the following as indications of OOS: (a)Cancellation of order by Fonola Mall due to delay in processing the order by the Seller (b)Cancellation of an order by the Seller due to unavailability of product purchased.

How can I avoid OOS?

  1. Carry out inventory management daily, check your stock to help you identify and let us disable products you no longer have in stock.
  2. Only list products you have in stock, not the ones you are expecting as returns.
  3. Put only 50% of your total physical stock on Fonola Mall, especially if you sell on other platforms offline or online.
  4. Ensure all orders are confirmed and set for pickup within one business day from the day you received the order.
  5. Ensure all orders are ready for pick up

Why would Fonola Mall penalize me for an order cancelled by the customer?

Fonola Mall does not charge vendors for orders cancelled by the customer.

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