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to building Ghana's finest homes

Our products range from 1 – 4 bedroom executive houses.  We at Lakeside Estate believe in excellent customer service, each person in our company is dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers and will do anything within reason to assure this satisfaction.  Our new site is gated with 24/7 security patrols.


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Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate is a leading real estate company that provides quality housing to all class of people.  Our houses go beyond offering quality homes in best location and at good value.  We are the best in terms of Mixed Use Development in the real estate industry.

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Financing a Lakeside Home

"A mortgage is a loan to

finance the purchase of a house."

The constitution of Ghana states that anybody below 18 years (minor) cannot vote, and this applies to mortgage as well.  
The applicant must be at least eighteen years and must be working and not more than sixty-five years (65).  In addition, the applicant must provide an evidence of his / her gross monthly income. For example, employment contract, and recent payslips or even tax returns.

The applicant needs an offer letter from a recognized Real Estate Company that has a Land Title Certificate and a track record of building quality houses. This offer letter must be submitted to a selected or a preferred Mortgage company.  
The applicant is required to contribute 20-25% of the value of the property when the offer is accepted.  Once the applicant pays his/her minimum percentage, the mortgage Company will disburse the 75-80% of the value of the property to the developer.
The developer will hand over the property to the applicant after receiving full payment for the property while the applicant continues to service the loan and moves into the house. 
It is however, the hope of Lakeside Magazine that individuals would stop paying rent and own a house today.  


Lakeside Marina

Lakeside Marina Park

Lakeside Marina Park (LMP) is a recreational park located around an oval lake at Lakeside Estate, Greater Accra, Ghana. The park is designed for children from 3 years old to adults who are 99 years old.

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Facilities & Rides

The park has pedallo boats and one canoe for water fun activities .

It has children swings and play sets.

it has six (6) meter high (two story) slide and adult fitness play sets.

The park enjoys an ultra-smooth walkway for strolling and especially roller blading.

It has pedicure flower garden, plants, and water garden.

It has nine (9) hole Mini-golf and remote controlled car mini-raceway with charge station.

Some other features are summer huts, clubhouse, and paving stone paths.

The clubhouse includes a food concession and service kitchen. To maintain a family atmosphere, the concession sells soft drinks only.

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Other Activities


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